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This is fun.  I’m kind of tired of writing essentially the same angst-ridden religion blog posts anyway.  I kind of wonder if it’s not time to either 1. expand the scope of this blog to start talking about other things, or 2. start a new general-purpose blog.  I have one over at Blogspot, but I don’t like Blogspot, and I haven’t kept up with it in a really long time and don’t really feel like starting it up again.  It’s mostly politics anyway, and I’m just not the angry fiery liberal I used to be.  Anyway, here’s today’s ten:

  1. “Cry of the Black Birds” – Amon Amarth
  2. “Ancestor Cult” – Machines of Loving Grace
  3. “Caleb” – Sonata Arctica
  4. “Learning to Live” – Dream Theater
  5. “Kullervo’s Youth” – Jean Sibelius
  6. “Any Colour You Like” – Pink Floyd
  7. “Little Lies” – Fleetwood Mac
  8. “Amazing” – Aerosmith
  9. “House of Sleep” – Amorphis
  10. “Move Over Darling” – Doris Day

This seems more representative of what I’m listening to right now, except for the random Aerosmith song, not a particular favorite of mine.

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