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tree removal

This is from Baltimore County Public Schools’s “forest conservation plan.” The trees in red are going, the trees in green are staying. The law requires trees that are cut down to be replaced, but don’t hold your breath (or do, actually), because I’m told that to make up for cutting down huge, beautiful historic 270-year old trees that give our neighborhood shade, beauty and character and replacing them with a parking lot, BCPS is going to purchase forest land from a “land bank” somewhere else.

This is going to radically alter the look and feel of the neighborhood. It’s going to be hotter. We’re going to have stormwater retention problems. It’s going to be uglier. There will be fewer places to play.

And why do this? To make room for buses the school isn’t served by and parking lots the school doesn’t need.

The aggressively re-graded front of the school (which is also a problem) is intended to accomodate 15 buses. Dumbarton Middle School is currently served by 6 or 7 buses, and while the student body is growing, it is not doubling. And to accomodate 15 buses in the front, they have to move the parking spaces in front to the back.

Except there is already a modest parking lot in the back that is largely unused during the school day. So even if BCPS did abolish parking in front of the school to accomodate mystery buses, they’d need maybe 40 more parking spaces to take up the slack, not the 90+ that are proposed.

I am flabbergasted that in 2014 in Maryland of all places anyone is okay with doing this. What about sustainability? What about preservation? What about partnership with communities? What about greenspace? Or how about even minimal communication from Dr. David Dance’s office?

Nope. They’re going to pave it all. Because they can, and they’re apparently not accountable to anyone.

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