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Autumn People

Last night I had a bad dream that these people, who were called “the emergent church” in my dream but who were really a lot like the autumn people in Ray Bradbury’s Something Wicked This Way Comes–still one of my favorite books of all time–were chasing my beautiful and sexy wife and me. We kept trying to get away from them by losing them in big stores or on busy streets, and at one point we had to get back my wife’s phone, which had some sort of important photo on it that I think our pursuers did not want us to have. We stashed the phone in a garbage bag and then had to go back and dig around for it.

Eventually we got away and lived on top of a snowy mountain in a cabin, and were worried they would find us. And then this man came along, acting like a friendly visitor, but we knew he was one of them and that since he had found us, the others would be coming. So I killed him with my bone-handled CRKT Natural and we started running again, back into the city, back through the same streets and stores, never stopping, always just barely keeping away.

I woke up cold and pretty scared.

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Personal Best

Today I decided to go running, which is not that unusual, especially since I seriously overate this morning (my beautiful and sexy wife makes a mean lemon merangue pie and it made a delicious breakfast… and lunch).  What is unusual is that I just didn’t get tired, and didn’t get winded.  So I kept going until I had run ten miles, and decided to stop.  Before today, my record was about seven and a quarter, and most days if I run at all I run two, maybe three miles.  By the time I was done today, my legs were cramping fiercely and I had a blister on the arch of my right foot, but other than that (and being bored and it getting late, dark,and cold), I could have kept going.  I simply never ran out of breath.  I was very pleased.

By the way, we’re having a baby in three days and we might have finally picked out a name tonight.

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