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For the record, I finally got around to sending in my letters of resignation from the Mormon church. That basically makes it official: I am no longer a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I definitely recognized the incredible gravity of the moment–my beautiful and sexy wife kept asking me if I was sure about this, not because she didn’t think I should do it, but because she didn’t want me to act impulsively or anything. But impulse was nowhere to be found: I made up my mind to eventually resign a long time ago (and had a nasty fallout with my parents when I told them about it), and I wrote my resignation letter back in November after the elections and the Proposition 8 debacle, but I procrastinated sending them until just recently. I’m not sure of the reason for the delay, other than that it just didn’t really seem urgent. Inevitable yes, but not pressing.

So what finally made me get off my seat and send the dang things? Not sure. Maybe just a sense that it was about dang time. I don’t really feel different about it, except that now i can actually say I am a former Mormon without having to qualify with “well, technically I am still a member.” It’s also nice to know that I am not a part of the Church’s dishonest reporting of numbers. If they still want to count me among the millions of members when they give the annual report this weekend at General Conference, the dishonesty is totally on them–I’ve resigned and am no longer contributing even passively to the numbers inflation.

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