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One of the writers at Black Gate has been doing a series on his favorite artists in the gaming industry, and he did a piece today on David Deitrick, who did quite a bit of cover and interior art for FASA and Game Designer’s Workshop, among other companies, throughout the 1980’s and beyond.

It’s nice to see Deitrick get some of the props he deserves from an industry that has largely forgotten him. He’s still freelancing, but the world of gaming has basically discarded him. I’ll grant to you that his style is extremely distinctive and not the right fit for everything, but he has an impeccable design sense and a draftsmanlike quality coupled with a pracical bent that lends itself to illustration of fantastic technology that looks like it’s actually functional. On top of that, he has an amazing sense of color, and has always known how to make an image absolutely pop.

Check out the article.

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