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Personal Best

Today I decided to go running, which is not that unusual, especially since I seriously overate this morning (my beautiful and sexy wife makes a mean lemon merangue pie and it made a delicious breakfast… and lunch).  What is unusual is that I just didn’t get tired, and didn’t get winded.  So I kept going until I had run ten miles, and decided to stop.  Before today, my record was about seven and a quarter, and most days if I run at all I run two, maybe three miles.  By the time I was done today, my legs were cramping fiercely and I had a blister on the arch of my right foot, but other than that (and being bored and it getting late, dark,and cold), I could have kept going.  I simply never ran out of breath.  I was very pleased.

By the way, we’re having a baby in three days and we might have finally picked out a name tonight.

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