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I just noticed that I haven’t posted much here in awhile, except for a couple news-and-politics items, which are really more what my old blog was about, and something that I generally want to shy away from here.

The thing is, and I have said this before, I have always been reluctant and shy to talk about genuine spiritual feelings. I can talk intellectually about religion all day, but when something genuine comes along, I feel so much more vulnerable about it, and talking about it makes me nervous. I also am much more likely to talk myself out of my genuine spiritual feelings and experiences, because they seem stupid or embarassing to me later on. I’m not sure why.

Anyway, that means that yes, this is another post confessing that I actually have all kinds of things going on in the religion/spirituality department, but no, I don’t want to try to rapid-fire a bunch of blog posts, or even write one long one, to try to get my readers caught up. It doesn’t make sense for me to try to compress what can sometimes be a convoluted and complicated thought process into easily digested pieces after the fact. Do I write about the blind alleys, for example? They’re not really about how I get where I am, but they are relatively important because they show the things I have thought through and decided to discard.

I’m not really sure if I am going to keep up with this blog, or just let it die a slow death. I’m not really sure who I am writing it for anyway, and I am not sure that the bloggerverse is really the place I want to be doing all of my spiritual development anyway. On the other hand, as great as I think a handwritten journal would be, I’m not exactly great at keeping one of those either…

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